Miss Dior Cherie 2011


I've never been a fan of Miss Dior Cherie; sales assistants have been shoving it up my nose since the day it was released, and to me it just smelled like mint- strawberry gum.

The EDT however- completely different scent. They got rid of that artificial aftertaste, and it was all caramelised popcorn and flowers. I loved the EDT. I'm not alone when I say, we've been waiting for Dior to come to their senses and realise that the EDT is so much better, and just tweak the EDP to match it.

Well ladies and gents - that's just what they did.

I won't attempt to produce a comparison between this and the original one; I don't know how they compare, the original was a nightmare of strawberry syrup gone bad on me. This is a completely different story. As for how it compares to the EDT: the base is the same, the EDT is fresher and has an obvious popcorn note that I don't quite get in this one

Sprays: I'm doing fine with my usual two, smells more than enough for most of the day. As I've said before, I don't like leaving a trail, i only want those who lean on to smell me.

So what does it smell like? Well, may I present the notes:

 (as listed on the sample slip):

Italian Mandarin Essence
Egyptian Jasmine Absolute
Patchouli Essence

I like how they didn't dare to put an ethnity on the Patchouli. It is SUCH a sanitised patchouli, I can't even tell it's patchouli. And did you notice they're not marketing that foul strawberry anymore? Interesting for a scent that was ABOUT strawberry when it came out.


Top: sparkling citruses
Heart: Rose Damascena, intense jasmine, patchouli
Base: vetyver, sandalwood

I'll go through the end result: There's a candied citrus opening with lots of mandarin/orange. It's not acidic at all, it's like one of those homemade sugar coated candy jelly sweeties made from real fruit. It quickly settles to sweet flowers, and yes, I'm pretty sure there is still some strawberry. It dries down to a flowery mix of candied petals that stay fresh and, I guess, laboratory sandalwood.

I don't really smell the patchouli. Patchouli to me is an earthy mossy smell and there's nothing earthy about this scent at all.

Finally, let's discuss the campaign:



Why are they marketing this with Natalie Portman wearing a little black dress? Why is Sophia Copolla directing it? That's like getting Stella McCartney to make Britney's tour outfits and hiring Gwyneth Paltrow as her body double.

Miss Dior Cherie is a girly, frilly, pink, cheesecake-pose kind of thing- the previous ads were wonderful and everybody loves them. They could have really gone for it with Portman, she's such a perfect Lolita. Not a sterile portrait shot wearing a black dress..That is soo Vanity-Fair cover in the most boring sort of way. There's nothing grown-up about this scent, and that is the whole point.