Mini Leather Heroine


Top: Rag & Bone // Leather Skirt: Custom (similar) // Boots: Isabel Marant // Bag: Saint Laurent // Scarf: Isabel Marant

I've been sick for the last couple of days and it's been really really excruciatingly boring! especially seeing the beautiful weather outside, that I wasn't gonna enjoy anyway cause I had a studio session booked, that I've since had to cancel. You can't imagine how much I overbook myself, in two days I've literally had to cancel on twenty people. Good news is that this nice stomach bug is gonna make me lose a kilo, or more, depending on what level of dehydration I achieve. I currently feel like Adriana Lima en route to the Victoria's Secret show.

For the last 24 hours I've been catching up with Astronaut tv and the housewives of everything. I'll spare you the commentary. I'm starting to see wealthy husbands in astronaut suits when I close my eyes.

This morning afternoon when I braved my condition to go to Whole Foods to stock up on bananas, bread and rice, I wore my new mini leather skirt. Funny design fact: when you calculate the length of something standing up, then you sit down and the length greatly changes. OOPS. I am not well enough versed in skirts to anticipate this reaction. Let's just say, I really like the look of a long coat over a mini, and that is what I've been doing to cover my ass.

Because the weather is so lovely I've dug up my favourite Summer lipsticks (Dior Addict) and today I was wearing Diorkiss : ) And nothing else!

Fun game: In these pictures, do you think the legs belong to the same person? Aren't photographs THE most misleading thing of all?? beyond photoshop, beyond light..two different photographs are two different people, period.



mar14_saint_laurent_betty_bag  mar14_leather_skirt3