sep10 salinas burger

I couldn't resist it and I ordered my favourite combo of burger (with fresh pinneapple) and strawberry milkshake at Malibu! THE best burger!

sep10 glassessep10 eyes

Love my hair after the beach. (I'm wearing 2000 calorie mascara and Hourglass fresco lipstick, my two desert island must-haves). On my face I would wear the Guerlain BB cream, but this was after swimming so it's not there anymore. I like it cause it gives you a bit of colour aswell.

sep10 hair

At night I once again turned to Giorgio Armani maestro #402 lip product for comfort.

Un be lie va ble product

sep10 cena2

We went to one of my favourite tapas restaurants and had all the usuals...chorizos, morcillas de burgos, pimientos del padron...

sep10 cenasep10 bodegasep10 face

For dessert there was this reaaally nice dish made from caramelised figs with brandy and italian vanilla ice cream..

sep10 higos cenasep10 higos

And to watermelon mojito and strawberry chocolate mojito!

sep10 rock bar puerto

Here are some photos from Blue Marlin. I had my sparkly kohl-eye on that night

sep10 car eyessep10 kohlsep10 glove

C'est fini x