MARNI for H&M: What I got


Oh are just so cool. You are so cool that when I wear you I feel like I'm walking a step behind my clothes. Impersonal and strange was the only way I could style these photos: Champagne, clear sunglasses and glossy goth lips. Big thank you to Rhianne who happened to be in my apartment and quickly took the snaps xxx (and who brought the cava, most necessary)

It's that time of the year again, H&M has a collaboration, I don't even see the lookbook, I end up showing up at midday like -whatever- then spending half a month's rent on the damn thing. In this instance, the object of everybody's desire was Marni. I own very few things from Marni, one of which is a handbag that is so unique, I used it to death and still treasure it.

These collaborations are so fun for me, because they have a couple of very interesting statement pieces, all of which are alien to my usual style, and all of them affordable. Put me on the spot for 10 minutes and all of them end up in my bag, thus providing my wardrobe of what it's missing: complete and utter imprudence. Arbitrary, impulsive choices that in fact, work exceptionally well with the rest.

It was interesting to observe that the design of this capsule Summer wardrobe for H&M belonged to the collection that Castiglione produced for the AW2012 Milan show. The brocades, the sharp edges of Courreges, the kimono meets the 60s and the square patent leather, it's all represented.

It's only too fortunate that the Fashion Week freakshow left me salivating for asexual, eccentric androginy, and on comes Marni. Plain rad without a touch of sense. I was very excited to see straight lines, cocoon shapes and spaceboy on Thursday.

On to the goods?

The swimsuit (top image) was the one thing that I knew I would grab for sure. I have seen it mentioned nowhere- Good. More for me. It has little if any stretch, and I don't plan to wear it for swimming. Rather, it's such a cute playsuit to lounge around in Summer, or even with a shirt on top. Absolutely in love with the colour and print. Next.

I am a jacket compulsive-obsessive and it was hard to resist this number. I see t shirt and shorts. So geometric, so cool.


As for the japanese-style skirt? There has been such a metallic-skirt-explosion everywhere in the catwalks lately, I'm really craving them.


Now this. 60s courreges vest/kimono sleeves. So so weird. It's killing me, how much I like this.


This sleek skirt is one of my favourite things for sure, and it's surprisingly sexy on. The characteristic Marni muddy brown is spiced up with electric blue and purple. YES. The print is almost electronic. Did I mention all the skirts have pockets? Invisible, but fully-functional pockets. MARNI = COOL.


How about an otherworldly jacket? It's a sweatshirt, it's a cocoon, it's a glossy patent human-repelling machine. Pair it with "absent eyes"


I've already seen people wear the following dress with a belt. puhleeeeese darlings.

This dress is cocoon with a 20s dropped waistline. It might not be the idea of attractive to anyone everyone but it drapes down perfectly, it has a splendid weight for the effect. It's chic. A belt?? You might aswell wear a bodycon.



Finally some necklaces, which to be completely fair I only got because they make such a lovely clicking sound and I was stressed. They are very unusual colours on me, to say the least. A bit like diving-suit colours. Is it just me?


I also got the two white bangles (not photographed). A lot of this would make good presents

What did you guys get, anyone?