mar13 maria black jewellery

I've been - let's say - looking into - this brand. And I love her stuff. Here are some of my favourite combinations. I also love the little rings by themselves. Which is your favourite?

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They are so cool and yet very dainty, flat and comfortable. I can play guitar with them on.

I find them so inspirational..they remind me of the Never Ending Story, of Sphynx, of fantasy illustrations, of Barbarella, it's all very 60s art deco and the black silver and gold combine beautifully to this effect.

mar15 fantasy

For reference, I have very small fingers and I wear an XS on my little finger and knuckles, S on my ring finger and the M is still a bit big on my index finger. There's a huge difference between the S and the M.

Find Maria Black online in Browns, Wolf & Badger and her own site amongst others.

Be careful and always look at the prices on her site as a reference before you buy anywhere else because some London shops  *cough* Browns *cough* choose random prices for some things! There is a ring for instance that her website sells for 65 euros, and Browns sells for 170 pounds! That is just a joke if you ask me.