mar20l Ladies and gents, my Internet has now been fixed. Let's commemorate this date with a recap of favourite things I wore in March. I have a lot, count with me so we don't miss any important data

1. The taupe coat/Etro-esque scarf combo. This is a really comfy one (we all know I'm all about comfort during the day) and allows for several sweaters underneath, essential in London's menacing Spring breeze. For a bit of skin to balance it out, voila the loafer


2. The blue flare. I fell in love with these when they popped up in Net-A-Porter, I promptly posted a picture of my bottom on Instagram to show them off.


3. The Alexa skirt. It took me a lot of decision-making


Once I saw that it had sold out everywhere, I decided that I needed it. I found a last 24 somewhere in France, God save the Internet! This skirt is like crack (Topshop version, still available here)

AG version still available in...

Size 32 available here Size 31 here and hereSize 28 here



That good.

Top by Isabel Marant



Photos of posing sexy were unsuccessful.

4. Next up- during my Piña Colada tour I thought it would be convenient to dress up for Havana. if you're wondering, this is what a Havana dress-code looks like: (you must always try to imagine it in black and white)




(My sandals are my favourite super comfy Tributes. I'm loving them this season in SILVER!)

5. After seeing all those pictures of brown leather, I dug out my chesnut Balenciaga from my Balenciaga jacket pile (hah I wish). I combined it with the skirt. I'm focused like that.


6. I received my green dress from Romp (20% off for y'all go go go! Code BARBARELLA) and was so excited I broke into dance


7. The black Paul Seville choker was a constant element in my dress-ups this past month. It makes me look very gothic which I like, on a silly little blonde like me. Combine with red lipstick and resting bitch face



8. I came across my silver anklet for Ibiza, wondered how I could have lived without it and vowed never to take it off again as I wrapped it around my ankle.


Took it off as soon as I had to put on boots and detected the pain these little balls inflicted (anklets with boots are like hoop earrings with scarves. Just an impossible affair)