jan3-look Dress: Isabel Marant (sleeveless on sale here) // Belt: Isabel Marant // Cardigan: Theory (similar and here) // Shoes: Rag & Bone // Bag: Proenza Schouler

jan3 look2

I sometimes go to blogger events and you hear a lot of people concerned about getting enough inspiration, how hard it is to come up with things to write about three times a week...

Three times a week?

I don't have TIME to say everything I wanna say, if I had an assistant to put all my ideas on paper and take my pictures, you'd have me beeping on bloglovin' every thirty minutes. Often I take a picture and don't have time to upload it before I have something more imminent to communicate. I hate posting day-old stuff, if I don't have time to edit right away I'll move on. Reverse problems here at Adventures of Barbarella, as usual.

So in between Sushi Samba and night-time celebrations today (cliché Friday) I had a moment to take these pics on my staircase. I really like what I'm wearing today - My new favourite dress that I wore for NYE and that if I don't wear all the time is because it's silk and I am only human and I transpire. With a chunky cardigan on top, as fashion government would dictate. I wanted to wear suede booties very badly but as it's raining The Apocalypse outside, I decided in favour of my trusty Rag & Bone booties. I am very happy I got these, they have served me well in the worst weather conditions, while remaining together, and cute. Good job Rag & Bone, good job.

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