Makeup through generations Pt.1: Routines

I promised I would make this post; the ladies are not always collaborative but I managed to write down their regimes. On Part 2, I will attempt to expand this further.

It's second nature for me to refer to products by their names and function. Not so for these ladies. I quote:

- What are you using now?
- I've always used this
- What is it though?
- It's a powder
- ..but you used it without a base?
- It's my base
- Oh. So it's like a foundation?
- No, it's powder

Moving on. What I love about older women and their makeup is their loyalty to it; the transformative process is a luxury that they'll take every day to look their best and they pride on it. It shows that they care.

Grandma's (84) makeup routine:


OPI Hot Ayers Rock on nails applied by moi

- Olay regenerist serum "I love serums they make all the difference. My skin feels so much denser"

- Maderas powder to cream makeup "I've been using this makeup for ever. My mom used to have it too- the loose version. After applying with a puff I smooth it out with my fingers to avoid it looking powdery, it's quite creamy so that works well"

- drugstore-brand pearly blue eyeshadow, estee lauder dark grey eyeshadow to contour "I really like blue around my eyes. I have a blue Lancome kohl pencil that I use on my inner rim as well. I've applied a bit too heavily today but it will all come together when I put on my lipstick"

[I just love how old ladies will use blue eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick and lots of blush all at the same time. I am totally going to be one of them, big hair and all]

- LOTS of Estee Lauder pink blush. "I like rouge on my cheeks to be noticeable and I brush it towards the temples. I have a very sallow complexion and blush instantly gives me life. Blush is wonderful"

[She's very serious when she speaks of her blush. She truly thinks it's the essence of life. That and lipstick]

- Guerlain Reve D'or lipstick (alternates with Estee Lauder Tiramisu, her favourite which she claims is far more moisturizing and feels a lot nicer to use. This one was a gift) "My lipsticks are usually expensive, they're the one part of my makeup that I like splurging on because there's a big difference between a good lipstick and a so-so one. I like using a reddish lipliner to give my lips definition"

[I have tried to persuade her out of her red lipliner and time after time I have failed. It's okay. I won't deny anyone the pleasure of red]

- YSL eye pencil in black "I've always worn my eyes very made up. They've always been my best feature"

- Lash Curler and L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

- L'oreal Elnett hairspray on hair "Hairspray is essential to mantain the style. Having my hair done is very important to me. I go to the salon once a week and ask for a lot of volume"

Other grooming: Handcream (Neutrogena original) every couple of hours. Soaks her feet in moisturizer every night before going to sleep. Pedicure every two weeks.

Grandma's tip: "Take care of yourselves. One gets older but one has to always keep taking good care of oneself. I always have done and always will, for as long as I'm able to"

Mommy's (53) face of the day:


Mom is currently carrying four makeup bags with products that spill over my piano, sofa and carpet. She's not a "neat" makeup enthusiast and she often doesn't know what she's using but she's a fan of all the latest jazz.

- Sisleya global firming serum "my power-serum. Prohibitively expensive but SO GOOD"
- Sisley Hydraglobal "another good mention"
- Sisley All Day All Year moisturizer "to protect the skin from the sun. I'm a huge believer in potions and lotions, I use quite a few of them, on top of each other! Been a Sisley fan for ages. Diana uses them too"

- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua makeup Beige Ambre Desert "I'm using this sample that I was given at the counter. But just slightly. Just a minimum amount of foundation. And I don't powder"
- Bobbi Brown concealer in Sand "Barely there"
- Brows: Benefit brow-zing in Light "This is my latest discovery. The colour is perfect for my ashy brows. I was using MAC Omega until recently. Brow definition is very important for women of a certain...How should I say this? Of an age like mine!"

- Bobbi Brown Goldstone cream metallic eyeshadow "My favourite at the moment. Really love how this catches the light and does not come off. I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in general, I have a couple"
- Bobbi Brown Black Plum eyeshadow to contour "I have a droopy eyelid and I like smoking it out and extending it out a lot"
- Estee Lauder Turbo-lash, "which is driving me crazy because it starts vibrating the moment you take it out of the tube. I like YSL Faux Cils better, though it smudges"
- Guerlain loose Kohl in brown inside the eye "Best kohl, I've always used this one. We have all the colours they're come out with"
- YSL Eye Pencil in Black to line "This smoky eye is so flattering"

- Chanel Rose Dentelle lipstick "I was on the hunt for a pink and this is the only one that looks good against my medium rosy skin; tried all the Rouge Voluptes and they all looked pasty. I usually stick to deep mauves and beige browns. But the effect of this lipstick is very brightening" I concurr.
- Chanel Lilirose lipliner "I am never without a brown-ish lipliner. I've used Chanel Desert all my life, Lilirose is Diana's I'm just trying it out with the pink lipstick".
- Chanel Rouge Contrast Pink Explosion blush "such a "happy" shade! It looks so sweet"

Mom has finished her makeup and is now going to take a morning bath.

Stay tuned! x