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I thought it was about time that I recorded me doing my makeup! This is what I've been doing lately which I really like, it's a natural makeup that looks very fresh and the trick is to use very little product.

Application tip: When you're putting on your makeup you want to be facing a source of light directly, be it natural or artificial. I look either towards the window, or directly towards a lightbulb in the ceiling. It's the only way you're gonna see what you're doing without any shadows at all. I always apply my makeup holding a little mirror for this reason.

You will notice that I have no problem touching my face, even when the makeup is finished, I feel like being able to touch your face makes it all look a lot more real and natural. If throughout the day I need moisturizer, I put it on top. My makeup is never "stiff", it's never a mask. It changes.

Products used (in order):

- NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska (yes, it looks super yellow on camera but after it sinks in, it looks the best and matches the body) I really like this product. I tend to use this when I'm more casual, and my Vitalumiere Aqua when I want sure coverage and a perfect finish all day. But this is a nice slap-it-on kind of product that is  hydrating when my skin is dry. Obviously I'm putting this all over because it's a tinted moisturizer; i don't do this with foundations! For a tinted moisturizer, it has a lot of tint BUT it also has a lot of slip and stays wet until it sinks in, so you can put it on like a moisturizer and then blend blend blend, and it kind of disappears and it's like magic, it makes you look radiant. All my latest pictures are taken with this on and it looks great.

- YSL Touche eclat #1

- Giorgio Armani high precision retouch #3.5

- Ellis Faas creamy eyeshadow #107

- MAC Fling eyebrow pencil

- Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara in brown (took most off with a tissue)

- Lipfusion XL (i always put this on my lips while doing my makeup, it keeps them hydrated all day)

- Burberry Earthly blush

- MAC Stripdown lip liner

- Rimmel Kate Moss #03 lipstick

That's my every day look.


If I am dehydrated at all, I pat on some Creme de la Mer and retouch the foundation as needed.

- Bobbi Brown concealer Warm Beige in areas that might show redness (if you've been out all day and it's cold outside for example, I would do around the nose and chin)

- MAC Phone Number kohl to line the eyes. Or any grey

- Giorgio Armani lipstick Rouge d'Armani #400

- Tom Ford Shade and Illumiate Intensity 1

- Shu Uemura glitter eyeshadow (the white/transparent one, just adds sparkle). I also like to use the Make Up For Ever Diamond powder for this.


- Chanel palette Raffinement (brown eyeshadows), and more eyeliner as desired.

This was the finished look at the very end. As you can see it looks WAY lighter in flash photography, which is why it works so well in clubs and dark places.

feb18 red lipstick

Tomorrow I'll post a video of me doing my makeup in the morning with natural light and I'll use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua so you can see that option, too.