It's here! The moment we were all waiting for! Not me, I wasn't waiting for it. And yet this happened : / nov15 margiela

Well, this is the story, I was heading from an Eyewear event to a Reiss event at 6pm today, when I passed through an H&M with all the Margiela stuff diplayed outside. So I innocently took a peek and there within the first metre was the whole collection!

What else could I do? I did a little browsing, tried a couple of things on...

I'll start in order of interest. This infamous "re-constructed" jacket with bits coming out of it? NOT flattering. I can appreciate it as a piece of art, but it was so rigid, I truly can't imagine anyone wearing this in their day to day. The whole event really wasn't me which is why I didn't bother to go in the morning.

margiela jacket hm

The oversize one-size jackets were all very nice but huge; I imagine they'll look great on a 6'1" model with really long pins. Otherwise no.

The dress was kind of surprising, I absolutely didn't expect to like it because, again, the shape is not flattering and it's not my thing, but I do looove the color it's like a poppy. And it falls very beautifully...I'm thinking cocktail event or houseparty. Or maybe I'll take it back, I don't know. What do we think? chances I'll ever wear it, 0-100%?

margiela hm red dress

nov15 margiela hm10nov15 margiela hm11nov15 hm margiela8nov15 margiela hm9

The leather leggings....ah, now this is something more in my zone. This hadn't been talked about at all in the press, and yet when I saw them, I thought - yea- that's what I'm gonna get. Can't say no to tight black leather at a good price. These are pretty awesome. I got a EU32 UK6.

nov15 margiela hm5nov15 hm margiela6nov hm margiela4

nov15 hm margielanov15 hm margiela2

Then I came across this cashmere sweater, which was a no-brainer really. Cashmere, comfy, off-white..perfect, wearable. Stupidly oversized, but will be kind of cool with skinnies. I like winter white. This is an XS

nov15 hm margiela7

The shoes were interesting but again, not comfortable, not my style. The clutches were cool, but they don't go with my wardrobe either so it's just gonna be a nightmare and I'm trying to downsize. I have plenty of designer clutches, I really don't need more.

That's about it. What did you guys get? What did you think?