In my attempt to herald shorts as the ever-present, ever-justified item of clothing for Summer I have encountered just one problem, and that is that shorts, no matter how I try to convince myself, are not always appropriate.


But let's not despair. Meet the long short. It has most of the positive qualities that the short possesses, but it is a much more decent length.

Now: The first time I tried these -I won't lie- I did not like them. I thought they looked like ridiculous bermudas and were way too long on the front. But after wearing them around a little, I am starting to savour the benefits of owning a short that doesn't look like you've just stepped out of Spearmint Rhinos. I actually find them quite sexy now; the pictures were taking in their brand new state, but I will update you on this because they have now moulded to my body and they fit pretty damn good.

Shorts are the Jbrand cuttoff shorts in Aquarius wash (best light wash, ever, so beautiful) and they have no stretch. I managed to fit my hips into a 24.

The top is a basic black from All Saints; boots are the over the knee hidden-wedge Stuart Weitzmans Elf .