oct20 london by night

First I dressed up as Bratz Doll meets 2008 taylor momsen (Obligatory long dracula coat on top)

oct20 lace

Wolford lace bodysuit (similar), Ksubi shorts, Miu Miu boots (similar)

Headed to a houseparty in Shoreditch, and then went to the ME hotel to support my friend Jez who djs there

oct20 jez

Then we picked up a halo from Momo's. This is me proudly displaying my angelic status

oct20 halo

After which we went to pay our respects to disco buddha

oct20 buddha

Sunday was a quiet affair. Here I am again at Radio where the door guy is very nice to me by now

oct20 radio

And here's me a little bit hungover. Those are all my brows I didn't even fill them in (!!!). Can't believe how much they've grown, I look almost like Brooke Shields you have to admit.



- What are you drinking? - Margaritas. I'm making this Tequila Night - I have vodka on my table do you want some vodka? - No thank you I don't drink vodka - I can get some champagne? want some moet when you finish? - Are you trying to sabotage Tequila Night?

- Where you going later? - I don't know, some friends are going to Drury's - I'll go wherever you go tonight - You might end up in my bf's house