LFW Day 3

feb17 armani cape Armani collezioni silk velvet cape (similar from Gucci in wool), Sandro leather jacket, H&M trend leather skirt (similar), LD Tuttle boots, Celine bag. COS t shirt underneath

I really wanted to wear my velvet cape today, but it was freezing so the only option was to wear leather underneath. And with the leather jacket, jeans look so blah, that I thought I had to wear a skirt. Hence the a-line skirt. I didn't really plan to be all-leather but all the skirts i have out at the moment are leather, and I didn't have time to dig into my storage boxes. I need to organize my wardrobe differently.

ANYWAY. The booties are comfortable enough to walk which is a good thing, and still stylish to blend in with the fashion crowd. The bag I'm not changing because I like it and it's roomy.

feb17 sandro leather jacket2feb17 all leather look

Story behind the jacket: So I came across this jacket back in Christmas; Sandro is not a brand where I would go and look for leather jackets, I feel like these mid-range brands just copy the trends that real designer brands are doing and I don't like spending too much money on that kind of thing, i'd rather get the original. However I did bump into this jacket, and it really stood out to me because the leather is as soft as I've ever felt...absolutely comparable to Celine, Loewe...it's that sort of buttery, melt-in-your-hands leather. And at the same time it's very fine and lightweight. That's not so easy to find. But it was way too expensive for Sandro.

Fast forward a few months, I haven't found anything like it at any price - let alone under 1k - and I had a massive coupon from Harrods so I went straight there and got it. No regrets at all...it's one of those very surprising finds. It's fantastic. I also had the opportunity to choose from out of seven or eight they had in the stockroom so I checked the leather, stitching, and chose the perfect one. I love when I can do that. I'm very fussy with my shopping, if I'm gonna spend the money it's gotta be freaking mindblowing.

feb17 sandro jacket

You can tell good leather by the way it collapses. Get it here.

feb17 sandro leather jacket

Get it here.

Shall we take a closer look at the booties? These are from LD Tuttle which is a brand that I was not familiar with, one of those young expensive "cool" brands that you never know where to find but that models are always wearing in their off-duty pictures. Yea they're really great, so Givenchy. I think this designer has made shoes for Givenchy before actually.

feb17 ld tuttle balance boots

The soundtrack of my day is Sugarman. Obsessed with this record right now. I saw the film for the first time the other day, cried all the way through and just loved it.