LFW AW2012 Day 1: Arrivals


Whew. Finally getting down to writing this. It's 3:50am but I want to get going; an 8am start and 4am bedtime with no free time in between does not help. And I've taken thousands of pictures. If I don't post some now, we'll be talking fashion week until Easter.

Here we have a glimpse into the Somerset House on the first day. I went as a blogger, because "singing & leisure" was not an accepted occupation in the registration form. Whatever. The experience so far has been so positive; I enjoy the hustle and bustle in any industry, but fashion/music are particularly entertaining.


I got there very early and I was alone, so I walked around taking photos of the attendees...There was a lot of mediocre..you know the type.

a) unfortunate technicolor outfits
b) lot of people wearing the always self-conscious hybrid sheer skirt+platform booties with the wrong body type for it
c) a lot of people in full-on vintage dated costumes: all the worst of the 30s, 40s and 50s.

All their clothes are made of plastic and they despise fur. I'm sure they have been well documented in most other blogs and fashion magazines- As for me, I live truly in fear of this crowd. If you have been seeing this ensemble photographed over and over again and are close to pulling your eyeballs out of your sockets, this compilation is for you. Read on.

I choose more subtle things, outrageous in a brainy way, not in a tomato-on-your-head way. Couldn't care less how many tomatoes you pile on your head, quite frankly. The following were my favourite. I have to say, since then, I have come across sooo many characters. People that are truly, so excellently put together, but I got tired of walking around asking for pictures scaring away all the good ones like a paparazzi. Industry people don't generally enjoy having their picture taken by some stranger. I don't blame them.

I love this girl


She reminded me how much I like stripes on the right person. Of course, influentiable as I am, today I was wearing my Ralph Lauren stripe jumper



I loved her, she photographed me for Grazia and then I photographed her



He is just so cool


I actually approached this girl later cause I wanted a proper photo of her, she was adorable. She was very modelesque. She reminded me that I should never have to take off my leather jacket


I had a pretty basic "work" outfit on. Leather pants + jacket, couple of t shirts, jumper, booties...the usual. I got photographed by Cosmo aswell. Pretty sure they were doing everybody. OF COURSE that's not how you wear that collar, collar needs to go down otherwise it looks completely ridiculous. It was just so cold I was using it as a scarf.


T-shirt: Zoe Karssen (similar (US)
Jumper: Wildfox (here in black)
Leather jacket: Balenciaga S/S 2012 (similar from Joseph (US))
Leather leggings: Dsquared (similar from Helmut Lang (US) (Worldwide)
Boots: Acne Cypress in Black
Bag: Balenciaga Work in Black (US)
Sunglasses: Rayban (US)

This girl- poor thing- I practically stalked her. She just looked so casually good. It's not even the clothes. It's the combination of the clothes, the colours, their movement, the person, the hair, the attitude, the posture...



As for this guy? I LOVE THIS GUY. He was so incredibly nice too, not pretentious at all. I want to be his friend.



There are a lot of photographers


Oh this girl I am obsessed with. I'm pretty sure I own that skirt, and she combined it impeccably..Again, it's not what she's wearing, it's everything else. But the shoes do help, booties would have looked very conventional, whereas the coral/sand suede pumps are grungey cool


Gotta get Sir Philip Green in here before we go...


And lovely Rebecca


Next: Exhibitions, shows, party mayhem


If you or anyone you know are being subjected to the pleasures of Fashion Week, let me know cause I'm gonna be around until Wednesday.