jan29-skirt7 Zadig & Voltaire sweater, COS black t shirt, Isabel Marant skirt, Primark cosy tights, Sergio Rossi boots, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier bag, Emilio Pucci fedora.

Here we are back from dinner. The before photo is a little more demure. I was wearing a sweater on top, like so:

jan29 outfit

Of course after a couple of Old Fashioned cocktails (supremely blended by the way), the sweater came off and i almost lost the hat. I actually DID lose the hat, and after 10 min of contemplating driving all over town to look for it in the middle of the night (and persuading the cabbie to), we found it under the car while we were driving off. Thanks God for that. Worst ten minutes of my life.

The skirt I'm wearing is the Yaele by Isabel Marant, which I also found via a dream and then revived the experience yesterday. Need to stop the premonitory dreams. Although, I had a hot one today where this guy  invited me out into his sunny porch to sip a green glass of something and kiss under the sunset light. Where am I meant to find a sunny porch at this time of the year?

The skirt - I am kind of enamoured by it, love the corset shape and appliques, it fits me beautifully. High waisted mini skirts are one of those items that small girls can really rock.

jan29 marant skirt leather

A couple of options here, plus links to everything else I'm wearing:

Bonus pic to showcase my flame. Louis Vuitton on FIRE!

jan29 skirt

I can't tell you how necessary an LV canvas is in this horrible horrible weather. With the rain, the wind, the ice, rude people running into you with their umbrellas, the crowds stuffed in the trains...there is just nothing else you can carry.

A reader friend suggested the other day that I do a best makeup items of 2012 list...I might do a clothes one, too. Anything else you'd like to see me post about? Do tell.