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I'm finally wearing these Ann Demeulemeester shoes I got on the Winter sales, it's been a long wait for good weather! It's one of those styles- either you love it or hate it. I never used to be into this kind of stuff, but when I came accross them at 90% off, and tried them on, I thought...hell yea. This is happening. They are so well-made, they're a pleasure, the attention to detail, it's just beyond any boot I've ever had. These are my first Demeulemeester shoes and I'm so impressed, I can't usually afford it but I'll keep my eyes open for more of her stuff.

I'm trying to think of alternatives to link to...there's loads but they're not usually very mainstream...If you're interested take a look at all these grunge-type brands like A.F Vandevorst, LD Tuttle, Rick Owens, Costume National, Camille Skovgaard, Rachel Comey, Surface to Air..

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The tights: I've mentioned these fishnets before (Wolford Twenties in honey), everybody's asking me about them: They're my favourite style, I wear them all the time. They give a bit of an airbrushed look from a distance, just a bit of color, they look good with sandals, and you get enough grip through them so shoes don't slip off. They are GREAT for when you wanna be bare, but a little perfected.