"L'Agent" by Agent Provocateur. Fragrance review

It's funny with Agent Provocateur. It's one of those houses that is so big and commercial, that you almost expect bad things from them. They aspire to be kinky, elegant, sophisticated, and somewhere along the line it goes wrong. Their clientele is stuck up, their models are either socialites or Russian escorts (it's a fine line), and they sold out last year. The depraved tone of the campaigns can be hilarious. The whole plot is a little cheesy and pretentious.


I'm compelled to review them positively though, because I do love a lot of their products, even if the more racy designs have to be worn very carelessly, kind of like if you put on a different color sock by mistake in the morning. Outstanding analogy.

Moving on.

I am a huge fan of Agent Provocateur, the original fragrance. It is dynamite. It really is sex in a bottle- and that sounds offputting to the extreme worded like that, but I mean it in a good way. Agent Provocateur is definitely night-wear, and worn before bed it would keep me awake.

The new one, L'Agent, that I am now getting to, is different. Very very different. But brave too! I jumped of excitement when I tried it. Wow! All out there with the dry rose petals, pepper, incense. Oriental? I don't know about that- then again I'm too blonde for orientals, I never liked them, I haven't experimented with them, I might now know what I'm talking about...- To me and my limited experience, it's an oldfashioned musky floral, really. It reminds of a lot of things but it's more beautiful.


It's wintery, it is sexy, it is not particularly sweet but it could easily be a comfort scent, like a cup of pure, bitter cocoa. I envision a boudoir with red velvet furnishings, a heavy brocade dress on the carpet, a poutpurri on the dressing table and an incense stick burning next to it. That's what it smells like to me. Slightly stuffy in a way, as if the room hadn't been aired for days, and as if there had been quite a few women in it, each wearing different scents. Women, not girls. It could have been produced decades ago.

Finally: It's quite potent, but wearable. I'm enjoying wearing this with casual clothes.

I'll let you know what the male population thinks. That will be Review Part.2: "Action or No Action: Cut to the chase: What you really wanna know"

Quoting from Fragantica.com so you can get a better idea of the notes:

Top opening bursts with pink pepper, davana oil, rosewood, ylang-ylang and angelica. Amazingly powerful and tempting heart blends floral notes of Bourbon geranium, May rose, Sambac jasmine, tuberose and osmanthus. The base includes the darkest and most enigmatic ingredients of patchouli, sandalwood, amber crystals, tonka bean, labdanum, myrrh, black incense and musk.

Agent Provocateur is available in 50ml EDP here
L'Agent is available in 100ml and 50ml EDP here