house palm blvd2

The days are blurry now, it's been almost two weeks and I'm on day 4 or something...Anyway. Cannot count, sorry. Imagine how much trouble I'm having with the tips.

I went to Venice again today, or whichever day this is. Totally living like a local now. Not really. But I think I finally understand how things work here (a little bit)..electricals, services, where you buy things, what's accepted, what's not.

Initial thoughts about LA (continued):

- I LOVE department stores because they have absolutely everything. And the malls, that's just beyond. They even have PinkBerry! (need to go back asap)

- I am now officially addicted to strawberry milkshakes from the Cheesecake factory

- I love the space. Yes, there's traffic, but there's space, everywhere

- I love that you can avoid the tourists. You really don't see that many tourists around

- I had never tried real mexican food until now

- It's surreal to see people working in jobs that I'm not used to seeing. In London it's promoters and it's actors and film directors

- I don't see anyone with designer handbags! Most people don't even carry a bag. Everybody is so casual.

- People only look at people when both parties are inside a vehicle

Got this burger, which was amazing, just in front of my hotel pretty much. Americans really have their perfect burgers and fries figured out! OH my god, the fries. They're amazing.

burger lounge

New Rule.  "Please do not turn on aircon". Seriously. I wanna be hot and sweaty.

aircon Loving the Venice area, all full of little cafes and shops...How cute is this? Came across this house. Go, go hippies

house palm blvd

My friends playing. My first show in LA! satellite playing LA

This was me outfit during the day...for night I changed into a white silk shirt and wore a Wildfox diamond cotton sweater on top.

me drinksme drinks2

James Perse tank, Siwy Alia shorts in "Hello Prince", Jeffrey Campbell for Wildfox peeptoe in Denim, Chanel bag, Levi's denim shirt

CAMP. I've been wearing these shoes for two days in a row now, they are soo comfortable. Unlike the Litas, I actually really like these, they're so unapologetically kitsch...It's funny, I got lots of compliments from guys yesterday, really the last thing I expected.


Do you guys think I've eaten at least 8 dollars worth of Nachos? Cause if I've eaten 8 dollars that's cool, but if you think I've only eaten like 4 dollars worth…I'm taking it with me!

I've eaten about a stomach-size amount of quesadilla so I think that's enough

I don't know why I even ordered

I love how they don't judge you for eating little here

Yea that's very LA. "Nachos without the nachos. Just give me someone else's rests, I just wanna FEEL like I ate"! "I just want the experience of having eaten!"

I don't wanna eat, I just wanna PAY FOR IT!

YEA! Just the plate and the bill