blue dress

I spent my last day at the Mondrian and didn't do much except for going back to Melrose/Robertson/Rodeo drive and eat at the Ivy...

This was me for dinner /drinks Givenchy bag, Reina & Roses dress, Gina nude sandals

blue dress3

haha....Too tempting

blue dress2day8pink Wildfox crop beach jumper, Splendid white tank, Chanel belt, Siwy Madeleine shorts in Charm, Chanel bag, Tkees flip flops

I only wore blue mascara on my eyes. It looks so cool! Makes my eyes look violet from a distance

Some lobster on crispy rice (amazing)


And finally the swimming pool

swimming pool 2 Addictions in place

pinkberry Always love Le Pain. They made some amazing gazpacho

day8 lepainday8mondrian1day8 mondrian2day8 mondrian3

The Mondrian was beautiful, exquisite, the design was one of the best I've ever seen. Striking and at the same time very practical and user-friendly, everything worked perfectly...The food was great both in room service and in the Asia de Cuba restaurant. Compared to the Sunset Marquis where I stayed the previous days- they're two very different things. The Mondrian is a hip one full of hot, moneyed young-ish couples/groups; many of them gay, unsurprisingly, for such a stylish spot in the middle of We-Ho. The Skybar is really cool and is usually very lively.

The Sunset Marquis feels a lot more private, serene, tucked away behind quiet trees and gardens like a home away from home with a clientele that's a bit older and mostly single 40+ men from creative backgrounds, with services and amenities equally luxurious but not as modern and an abundance of bungalows and two-room suites which are huge.

I'd have a hard time deciding between one and the other and I can recommend both.

So sad to be leaving LA!