drybardrybar2 This was a shop called Live! It was really nice..I get surprised every time by how helpful people are in shops here, the lovely sales assistant didn't have the jeans I was looking for but he offered a special order, and also took the time to google the factory and get their address and number in case they might have it. It's remarkable.

live sunsetsunset4 I was dying to go to the Ivy..It was everything I expected and more. Super cool, super chilled, super unpretentious, they got me a table outside really quickly. Delicious food. Again, it reminded me so much of Spain! Service super fast and everyone was so lovely.

the ivy I just love how colourful everything is, it's so authentic.

theivy6theivy7theivy5theivy4 King prawns and french fries YES PLEASE. How hard is it to get delicious "normal" food in upscale restaurants? I love when I find a place that can serve me home-made style food.

the ivy2 Then we headed to Rodeo Drive...Which was amazing. Lovely for walking around, it has all the main luxury stores and also two large department stores nearby (Saks, Barneys) and lots of cafes and Starbucks (yesss)

rodeo3 I find everything in LA so cartoonish, like a life-size model of Europe. Most of the architecture is this sort of simplified neoclassical style. Enlighten me, does it have a name? It seems to have been drawn in large strokes and bright colours, imitating Rome/Paris/London, together but with no foundation, it doesn't feel solid. Then inside the buildings you never know what you're gonna find, because the structure itself may be profusely neoclassical, but the furniture might be a minimal 90s, or sometimes they go all out in traditional Spanish style. I find it so incoherent, it really stands out to me.

rodeo2rodeo drive 1

Beautiful, beautiful Versace building! How perfect.

rodeo drive versace 1 Spotted! AP calling "come to me, come to me"

ap Barneys. Oh My God. I LOVED Barneys. The decor was just amazing. Very much California. The staircases!


Failed to take photos of my Sprinkle cupcakes which were incredible...I've eaten so much today.

And now a gazillion pictures with what I wore (expecting my paparazzi pictures shortly as well. Nothing like confused paparazzi to produce a good holiday album for ya)

Very predictable. I'm wearing all my favourite things of the moment. Siwy shorts, tank, Tkees...And my favourite Summer bag by Givenchy. outfit rodeodrive6outfit rodeodrive1outfit rodeodrive2 Dancing, anyone?

rodeo driveoutfit5 Here I'm doing a hairflip to demonstrate the beauty of my blowout

rodeodrive outfit7rodeo drive outfit6 Oh - These Siwy shorts that seemed quite long? They are NOT. They are actually one of my shortest, now that I've worn them in a little. They ride up. I do love them though.

rodeodrive outfit8