day7 lacma entrance

day7 lacma lightsday7 lacma impre Total old map fetish, isn't this so special?? It's embroidered.

day7 lacma mapday7 lacma outside There was a book with hundreds of portraits from American Indian chiefs and delegates, from when they started negotiating territories. Amaaaaazing

day7 lacma indians

day7 lacma portrait I didn't know who this was by which is quite embarrassing cause he's one of my favourite artists

day7 lacmapicasso20s SEX! day7 lacmapicassosexday7 lacma picasso Me wearing my favourite red (NARS Vesuvio) Without a doubt the most exquisite velvety red

day7 perfectred Back in the hotel. This is the path to the swimming pool

day7 goingswimmingAnd this is my swimming pool "look". See how happy i get

day7swimmingpool This is the first time I weighed myself in lbs. I have since checked the conversion and apparently I've gained weight. So good times.

day7 scales Most beautiful color ever. It was really expensive, i regretted it and tried to return it twice, Kitson refused, ain't happening, so whatever, it's meant to be.

day7 shirt kitson Hell yea, very impressed to see this right in the middle of Sunset.

day7 smog Smog. day7 smog2day7 sunset This was me for "work" dinner. Work dinners in Entertainment deserve a hell of a lot of quotation marks

day7dinner This is how the Tkees look after about a week of wear. Pretty disappointed to be honest, they're all black, it's rubbed off everywhere. I do love them but this is some serious bad wear.

tkees worn This was for drinks with my friend...I love putting that tuxedo jacket over absolutely everything!

day7 drinksIro tuxedo jacket, Theory silk sleeveless vest, Siwy Alia shorts, Bally shoes, Chanel bag