Shirt: Equipment // Leather skirt: Alexander Wang (EU here)// Sandals: Saint Laurent // Bag: Givenchy

Hi from the Radio rooftop!

This was a quick photobomb where I turned a corner and jumped in between my friends to escape from the crazy 21st birthday boys trying to get a room.


Imagine the beach scene of Chariots of Fire but with me running in front of them.


Now let's get down to business.

1. LA DIVA: This Chanel lipstick is neon rock n roll. I loooove it.  It's Schiap but in a lot more wearable texture, I've been looking for this my whole life! In this first outing with my new lover I combined it with the Vintage Vamp quad + kohl-rimmed eyes + magical MUFE glitter.

mar2_diva_chanel mar2_diva_chanel_lipstick

 2. LEATHER MINI: From Alexander Wang. I was looking for a leather mini that was a good basic, since the ones I have are so tight around your legs you can't move and I hate that, I have a long stride, I hate walking like a Geisha. In this one the leather is very light and soft which makes it so comfy. Recommend!mar2_red_shirt