LA #3

hotel suite

(above) hotel room (king suite in the Sunset Marquis- really like it!)

I decided to order the home made granola for breakfast today and it was incredible! Really didn't like the bakery options, i think granola is the way to go

hotel breakfast

This is what I wore to go to Robertson Boulevard..

day outfit1James Pearse tank top, Siwy shorts, Chanel belt, Tkees sandals, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

My new starbucks card! so pretty

starbucks card

this is me going to the swimming pool. I was craving swimming pool so much


soon after this pic was taken it got completely full. Special mention: Guy singing "Happy Sunday party people" from the balcony, eventually his girlfriend dragged him into the room after about thirty minutes

hotel swimming pool

Hermes "coquilles" scarf (shells) is a re-release of a vintage scarf based on a collection of photographs. It's incredible. Love getting things like these in trips

hermes coquilles scarf

This is what i wore to the Cheesecake factory. Fun fun fun

dinner outfit

Hermes scarf, Zara shirt, my new Siwy shorts, Vince Camuto shoes

dinner outfit2 Am i going too far? haha. I've wanted this sweatshirt forever, found it at Kitson

dinner outfit3 Amazing Mason dress on sale at Barney's. Perfect perfect red

barneys mason red dress