may20 lillies


Jacket: Balenciaga, Skirt: Helmut Lang, Boots: Alexander Wang (similar), Bag: Chanel

This is my new favourite skirt. I realise I have a short attention span, but this is it right now and there's no space for anything else in my mind. Remember my white crepe skirt? It's great but I've been meaning to get a black jersey one, more wearable and all that. I didn't expect it to be so comfortable, it's like wearing nothing.

The Balenciaga moto biker is back out from the depths of my personal wardrobe stock room - I really missed it, it's warm and soft and feels like my own skin.

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Here are links to the skirt and some favourite boots of the moment, many of which I own. I've also linked to the Helmut Lang slit maxi skirt which I also like, but be warned that it's very long! If you're shorter than 5'7 you'll probably need it hemmed.

Some pictures of the day...

gibson es335 in black, one of my favourites. My guitar players always have such good taste

may20 gibsonES335

Seeing Michael & co play in Hoxton

may20 hoxton

This is the funniest thing. Useful idea but does it really have to be so massive and obnoxious : P?

may20 holder

D'ya like my water?

I was telling R the other day, I wish they offered more drink options in bars- it's all either alcohol or sugar or sweeteners, and sometimes, I just want something that won't kill me. Like ice green tea, fresh lemonade, coconut water. I think tea and coconut water would be good options to start with, they are both easy to stock, unlike fresh fruit with I understand is more of a hassle. But every club has lemons. Just put a bunch of lemons and limes in the water.

may20 standin

YSL Paris Pump 6.5cm (similar) which I'm probably gonna be selling if you're interested! 35.5