A mysterious collar arrived this morning.

I believe everyone is acquainted with the launch of Karl, by Karl Lagerfeld. Left, right and center, this week we saw Karl floating in a Cube around the world a la David Copperfield, people glueing Karl collars on themselves, babies flying from Brazil and Puerto Rico to be Christened by the Karl Cube in Paris. What was that about...? Even my mom in Spain was duly aware of the release. I was looking forward to it, but blimey, at NET-A-PORTER headquarters they were peeing themselves.

GO GO exclamation marks !!!!!!!!

It's funny because I've always been hugely enthralled by the man, but everyone else seemed to think that he was strange, so referring to him in conversation was a bit - do I wanna alienate myself from these people?- It was frankly very surprising to see this sudden explosion of hoards of groupies. If there were in fact these many fans, I can't understand how he didn't sell out the concept earlier, I take it that he didn't need to so he had no reason.

I've had my moments of Karl-mania...obsessed with the gloves. For a while I wore them 24/7. It irritated my girl friends to no end. Tea with gloves. Try a cupcake with gloves. Friendship or cool gloves??

One thing led to another... DSC_0093a

Sheer Vintage black shirt Karl collar Alexander McQueen Kama Sutra scarf Paul Smith Black Label tuxedo jacket Tom Ford Sunglasses DSquared leather pants Jewelery: Alexander McQueen pendant, Philippe Audibert, More Philippe Audibert, and more,

You weren't expecting that, were you! Oh darlings. I'm an actress at heart. I call this research, it's interesting to me. It actually didn't take me long to gather the sort of apparel that would identify Karl. I didn't want to duplicate him exactly, I wanted to see if I could interpret it with my own elements, but still 100% recognizable. And yea I like it, kind of weird but very strong.

And for chuckles...

Karl doing the boogie dance before his runway show


Here's Karl saying "If there's something dangerous, sauces are dangerous for the body"


Karl fixing his pony


Karl is back


Karl flashing a boobie...Oooh racy karl.


I also want to mention; the collar has an inscription on it:


 "I only wear the latest thing. It is my job"

When I first heard it I thought it was the worst choice of quote ever, and I usually celebrate his lines (if you're not following him on Twitter, you MUST @Karl_Lagerfeld) it makes him sound like a fashion victim, and that's not it at all...He always speaks about living in the present and encouraging change. Most men his age would dislike all current fashions; this is not only not an option for a designer, it's not his personality; he lives the moment. He constantly refers to this in his interviews, and I think he's right and it's important to be aware of it.

Some favourite Karl quotes:

"I'm open to everything. When you start to criticize the times you live in, your time is over."

"No, I'm not a French designer either. I'm from nowhere. I'm a European, old European is all I am."

"Yes, some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that."

Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress

With expensive fashion, the inside should be as perfect as the outside.

Nonchalance in couture is very important, because couture without nonchalance is just the drag queen attitude of women of an era past

The most important thing is to do things, not to have done them.

My greatest problem in life is my indifference to the outside world Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests.

The imagination can transform all sorts of personal insanity into elements of self-invention, and you need to make use of this

Don't look to the approval of others for your mental stability

I try not to be sentimental and obsessive about possessions. I lovecollecting, but I hate owning

Success nullifies. You then have to do it again, preferably differently

If I read too much or know too much it's not because I want to talk about it, it's only because it's interesting for me.

I have no scene. I go everywhere. I adapt.

There is something unexciting about buying something exciting online. I like the physical contact with the goods.

I hate the word “avant-garde.” It was used, overused, and often used for useless things. So I do not use that word any longer.