just another thursday


Shirt: Liberty London // Shorts: Current/Elliott (similar) // Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals (more styles) // Bag: Chanel // Sunglasses: Linda Farrow x Agent Provocateur

Diana was spotted strolling down Camden High Street in her visibly smaller frame, talking agitatedly on the phone (allegedly to her music producer). Diana was wearing high-waisted shorts, one of her signature Summer pieces, which she paired with a floral sleeveless shirt and flat leather sandals. She pulled it together with a classic Chanel flap, a celebrity staple. Diana also carried a medium size carrier bag with unidentified contents. We later learnt that she had her laptop with her, because she sat down in a local cafe where she met an unidentified "mystery man". She ordered a "peach iced tea" and witnesses state she insisted on having it made unsweetened, asking for the help of two different baristas to do so. Our sources indicate Diana's recent weight-loss may be due to "digestive problems" but she is "doing much better" (per statement of her Los Angeles rep, Alex Huggan), and that might be the reason for her eccentric eating habits over the past month.