jan7 nose ring chanel paris bombay

I thought I needed something to join my nose and my ears, the two most prominent parts of my anatomy.

But now seriously. Try not to look into my nose

jan7 chanel nose ring2jan7 nose ring


jan7 chanel paris bombay closeup

I love the way the different color pearls are makes it look a lot lighter than it is.

I wanted to get this sooner after seeing the Paris Bombay runway but I went back then to the store to look at the headpieces and they were like, 2000 million bucks or something. After which i decided to get something small, AND on sale.

This (below) is how I look in 80% of my photos, I felt compelled to include one because they are everywhere... My friends and I call it the coke effect

jan7 coke effect

I'm probably the only one who doesn't do drugs so it's kind of funny that I always look like I'm having a bad acid trip.

Here's when my nose clip slipped off and I'm saying "shit!"

jan7 swearing

I'm very expressive, it's a shame we don't get to see this on-camera swearing more often.

Finally, a good ol' glamour expression for my girls (and boys)

jan7 chanel nose ring

I'm thinking of styling ideas for videos. It's gonna take a while, I can't decide what I want. But I've spent all my life dressing up so I have a lot of research done. I found a beaded green dress the other day which I plan to use. And I am determined to use this nose piece too, I'm obsessed with indian headpieces. A big part of me wants to dress up a bit hindu, cause it's a big part of my personality the whole indian thing. I grew up in ibiza and of course over there, there's a huuuuge indian influence.

I've always thought that your stage look should be yourself, on acid. Anything you are, choose one facet of your personality and amplify it until it explodes into a million pieces, then stick them all together. And the great thing about the artist going through this journey themselves (as opposed to booking a team of stylists to do it), is that the end result is a lot more genuine and in my opinion a lot more interesting.

Wearing Guerlain kohl of course, my "indian" makeup of choice. I love it cause it's the same exact colour of my eyes!


In India the outside of the left is the preferred position of the piercing as this is supposed to make childbirth easier. This is because Ayurvedic medicine associates this location with the female reproductive organs. In India piercings were regarded as a mark of beauty and social standing as well as a Hindu's honor to Parvati, the goddess of marriage


jan7 chanelnosering8

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