jan21 outfit

Surprise, I'm wearing a forest green scarf. I looove this scarf, it comes from the Himalayas (Nepal) and it feels  like a shatoosh.

I've decided I want all my clothes to be green now.

J/K but seriously, I already had a lot of underwear / burlesque items this color, (it's my "sexy" colour) but I didn't have any day-wear items at all.

The rest of the outfit is as predicted given the weather over here. So much SNOW. The Muks boots are saving the day for me, so warm. Leather pants from Alexander Wang, several (I think 4?) thin cashmere sweaters, and my Loewe shearling coat on top. The Vuitton Speedy is the BEST bag for bad weather. It's one of the bags I use the most in Winter in london.

I'm embracing the cold, I don't care that it's horrible, I know it will pass, I don't know what it is but I've recently become very accommodating with life in general; I see good in everything. Snow? Great. Wind? Great. Everything seems fascinating to me right now. I'm seeing good everywhere I look