dec27-zoom Jumper: Rag & Bone // Skirt: Isabel Marant (new season style here)// Boots: Isabel Marant // Scarf: Isabel Marant // Coat: Joseph (also here)

The days are so bright and lovely here. I love this combo of frilly skirt, knit sweater and booties, it's girly and casual. My mom doesn't understand my Marant obsession at all, a lot of people don't. What I like the most about it is that a) everything can be worn together, it all kind of matches without looking overkill b) it's not ostentatious, and c) it's feminine without being cutesy. It's very easy, and it's fresh.

This morning I went running 4k and then did a yoga routine at home. I'm going through a phase of doing yoga every day because I wanted to advance quickly, but having only an hour a day for exercise at most, yoga doesn't cover all my needs and I doubt I'll be sticking to this plan long-term. I definitely want it in my life regularly but I'm probably going to have to start alternating things soon if I want my bottom to stay where it is! Cause the way I eat (that is, not macrobiotically) it grows a la kardashian. I need to find a balance. It's a good time of the year to do this experiment cause I don't wear bikinis so it's okay if I'm not hard like a rock. I'm enjoying doing different exercises so much, it feels so good, I feel so alive.

dec27 walkingdec27 my backdec27 body2

This Joseph coat was my Christmas present from my mom, I was so thrilled when she showed me cause I love this coat, and it's so wearable . I'm wearing a FR34 and it fits very slim, literally like a tiny version of a men's tailored coat, very straight. It's gorgeous and it looks so good with the more folky Marant bits.

dec27 outfit

Here's a selection of Isabel Marant related sales picks for your perusal today. There is SO much good stuff.


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