nov27 isabel marant hm2 Coat: Marant x H&M, Jumper: Marant x H&M, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses: Prism

I haven't been wearing very many pretty clothes lately because all I'm doing is dash out of the house and into the gym (I'll show you that outfit some other time) so I was excited today to wear regular clothing like my former non-gym-maniac-self. For this purpose I picked two of my favourite Isabel Marant pour H&M pieces and some comfy thigh-highs because it all seemed very sixties with the sunglasses and all. I like everything about this look, it's f*cking amazing.

nov27 isabel marant hm4nov27 isabel marant hm1

Best filter ever??

nov27 grain

Look at my brows!! They are incredible, they've never been so dark and bushy. They've never been -period. I'm still using RapidBrow religiously twice a day, and haven't plucked them for months...Here I have them filled in a little bit with Hourglass brow thing in Blonde, and then on top the Anastasia brow gel in Caramel. I can't wear the Blonde anymore cause it's really pale on my new dark brows, it looks like fairy dust.

I don't know if you can appreciate it in these pics but I pulled a Mary Greenwell and used Chanel Les Beiges #50 as a soft contour. It's kind of cool, it's much more translucent than any other contour or bronzer I own.

nov27 face2

I went to a really nice exhibit today, it displayed the works of Van Gogh while in Paris and also included art from his influences at the time, which is such an interesting process to follow. We attribute certain qualities to certain artists, and that's such a limited view of things because most of the time, the artist has "stolen" that quality from another artist and his work is an amalgam of so many different things.

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