Hello my angels.

My older cousin just left, she was visiting for a few days, and this is the situation:

- We've been watching The Goonies

- We are addicted to honey granola from Dorset Cereals

- I have discovered that I really like the following bands: Violent Femmes, The Do.

Here's a glamorous picture of us:

jan3 convenience store QUOTES OF THE DAY

Look, a tattoo parlor. You should get a tattoo as a Camden memento, it's a very typical thing here. You could get "Diana"

I (my cousin)
God, that would be hard to explain.

And I would get your name. People never tattoo their cousin's names on themselves

Yea it's kind of disturbing to have your cousin's name on you
What am I gonna do now?? I'm addicted to this granola. I'll have to take two boxes to Paris

Do it

But then once I finish them, how am I gonna survive?

I'll send it to you. You know how people carry drugs to other countries? We smuggle granola from now on

We haven't changed at all. Addictive personalities

You could see it coming. We were five and watching the SAME movie, over and OVER again

But the question remains: What was I wearing? jan4 revillon

Today I was wearing my Wang leather pants (similar), Revillon jacket (similar), Pucci fedora, Sergio Rossi boots (marant has made similar ones this season), Celine bag. It wasn't that cold today, but it got chilly in the evening that's why I changed into the fur jacket. I'm falling more and more in love with this bag, it's just amazing. It's almost like having a pet.

To continue.

You will have found the deep green gem preceeding this post impossible to ignore. Well, allow me to present you the full piece. This is the Lanvin tutti frutti bracelet, a gift from my aunt.

jan3 tutti frutti lanvinjan3 tutti frutti lanvin2

I would lie if I said I haven't been obsessed with it for a while. It's magical

From my grandma I got hoop earrings from Alexis Bittar in perfect black rhodium with crystals.

jan3 alexis bittar earrings

I also FINALLY got the small Dre Beats to carry around. I kept waiting because I have the Studio ones which I've had for a while, and I thought it was silly to get the others as well because the Studio are much better, but the Studio, other than the fact that they are quite big, have a lot of spillage, which sucks if you're listening to things around other people. The solo ones don't leak at all. I have to say though, the sound quality is a lot better in the Studio ones, and I wouldn't change them for the world. Those headphones are so good, in an emergency you could actually mix a record with them on.

Just a heads up- I'm on Instagram so if you wanna follow me, I'm dianaanastasia.

jan3 instagram

I leave you with probably the best, most famous song this year. It still drives me absolutely insane when a dj plays this!