Ibiza: August Favourites

The FOOD! This is what life is made of..


If only I could eat this every day. Green figs picked from the trees (Ibiza gets the best green figs in the world. Pickin' up figs since 1989 y'all). The best bread baghette with a filling of sobrasada. Cold Gazpacho. Brie...The brownie is from Rita Savor who make the most delicious french/asian cuisine, and if you go to the island you must stop by with the car and get something for lunch..their takeaway is amazing. Cous-Cous, strawberry pastries, and OH MY GOD THE BROWNIE.  It's on the main street of Jesus, yellow banner/red letters.

Bags from the sandal shop..


My white adlib dresses...

Laura Mercier Cocoa Velour and Gold creme eyeshadows


I got all these things from family boutiques, which is the BEST feeling. Nothing like buying things from the owner.

As for THIS - Is this the biggest Empress ring, or what (not mine)





Emeralds on platinum I believe.