IBIZA 290613

jun30-sun-naked Bangle: Dinny Hall, Sunglasses: Rayban

I'm just here in my terrace reading and drinking lemon juice. I've done an insane amount of reading. I don't have internet or movies or anything...just me, the sun and my thoughts. I won't lie, it's a major pain in the ass not having internet, especially when you wanna look for information of places to go, maps, or wanna call your friends on skype..but I know that if I had it I would abuse it. And this is just calm on a different level. I'm outside so I have a lot to think about and observe about the landscape.

In the evening for ushuaia I wore this new top, I saw it last year and I've been wanting it ever since. It's the most amazing violet color!

jun30 charo ruiz top

Top: Charo Ruiz, Shorts: J Brand, Sandals: Michael Kors (similar), Bag: Chanel

The platforms are really tall and comfy, Kors makes great uncomplicated summer shoes.

jun30 charo top2

I scrubbed off the St.Tropez and threw away the Dark bottle, what a green mess! It has stained my toilet seat green to the point where I can't get it off! It did come off my sheets, but it seems to stick to some surfaces, it's the most potent stain I've ever come across. And let's face it, it did stain my body green which was especially visible on the armpits (how lovely). Seriously I feel like they haven't thought this through. I'll be back to the regular St.Tropez/clarins when I need it, but for now I've gotten a bit of a tan so I'm fine.