I was looking for ideas on how to close an email to a doctor without being too rigid. Something along the lines of Hugs, or Kind Regards...So I clicked on this website which looked really promising:

List of Online Goodbyes Used to Sign off an E-mail
Writers have more flexibility in the endings they use for e-mails than in written letters.

Awesome, just what I need. So I went on to read them...

    •    Be good/well
    •    Cheerio
    •    Cheers
    •    I’m out
    •    More to come
    •    Smiles
    •    Ta ta for now
    •    Take care
    •    Take it easy
    •    Until next time

I think, for a doctor, "More to come" is my favourite hahaha...!

But I'll give anyone a fiver if you use "I'm out" and videotape the doctor's expression