I'm kind of bored

I guess I'll dress up like Marlene Dietrich? And then swim in a blood pool or something?


I would have done it but it was really cold. Jumping into really cold water is pointless. You get cold. And that's all that happens

I went to that exhibit on post modernism the other day at the V&A, and -let's get this out of the way, post-modernist does nothing for me- BUT there were some good ideas like people dressing up as other people and recreating scenes on photos. That's something I'd like to do.

Years ago I used to visit that website 43things, it was really funny. OMG it still exists! It's very motivational. Which reminds me, I am totally getting my drivers license this year.

(Don't believe anything you hear from other people or from me on the internet.)

I spent two hours doing yoga today. It was amazing, I miss it.

Well sleep time. x x