I don't want babies, I want an 8 year old

[8 year old cousin (female) enters my sister's bedroom and tells me]
- She places all her dolls on the top shelf so i can't play with them. She doesn't realise they're gonna take suicide one of these days

[speaking about her end of year party]
- You better come back from London for the dinner. And you can bring like, your boyfriends and ex boyfriends
- My ex boyfriends too?
- Well not to the dinner, maybe to the afterparty
- What about your boyfriends, will they be there?
- Diana I'm only eight, I don't really need a boyfriend just yet

[speaking of boyfriends]
- there was this boy...when we went on holiday this Summer. His name was Jim and he was foreign
- Sexy.
- yea he was cute. I didn't understand him but i liked how he pronounced my name

She's fab!