oct12 acne2

You know the beauty of legs is that they really do not feel cold the way the rest of the body does, and therefore it's perfectly practicable to leave them bare at any time of the year.

Skin is my favourite thing to wear, I just don't think any clothes work without showing a part of your favourite being legs...well, I have a couple of favourites, let's never limit nudity.

So today I was wearing this Kooples jacket that i got recently and am obsessed with. It's like an oversized biker jacket with the fit of a blazer... - the fit of these clothes, especially for petite women, is incredible because they are quite narrow and small. I wanna compare it with brands like Maje and Sandro, but Kooples makes smaller sizes which I need, the cut is better (you can order sight unseen and it always fits right- unheard of with brands outside the YSL/Givenchy/Dior spectrum), and they don't scrimp on pockets. It's also cheaper = win-win.

My j brand cutoff shorts which I have worn proudly all year, I wear them constantly. An American Apparel grey tank, and a Kooples plaid/check/whatever you call it cashmere shirt on top. Acne pistols. (keep reading).

oct12 fire I went to Acne because I've realised my pistol boots are actually not my size (I know. Took me what, a year?) So I'm thinking of getting a 35. If you want my 36 (fits like a 37) give me a shout and I'll sell them to you for cheap. I'm also selling my Cypress ones, they're not my size either. UGH! WHY do I keep doing this. I'll put some pics up in the SHOP section.

oct12 acne I've included a lot of coats that I love here: