It's been a hell of a week...first i come back from LA with a monster jetlag, i go and miss all my meetings, then they drug me, then it takes me three days to pack my house while getting over that horrible horrible thing...NOW I'm finally moving. And it seems like I spend more time in the beauty salon than anywhere else (i need cuts, waxes, massages, I'm super needy right now, you'd think I've been living in the jungle for three months) This is the state of my bedroom:

aug3 state of bedroom

I've been going through some boxes today..Dreading it. I honestly could do without 80% of all my crap. I have so many collections...things I don't actually use, I need a museum to put all my crap...Lulu Guinness collection bags, shells, masks, wigs, hats and headpieces, leather jewelery, useless lingerie (breaks if worn for bed, unsuitable for day - my favourite), swarovski mules, calligraphy equipment, sports material, art pastels and crafts materials including rhinestones, microphones, camera equipment and tripods ...I have too many freaking interests!!!

And then the bulk of it: clothes, shoes and handbags. OOOOH MY GOD my stuff is gonna kill me. Let's not give it any more attention.

The other day I drew a sad mermaid. I need to mess it up and make it sadder. Soft pastels are my favourite thing ever, they are just so subtle and pretty, they always look like they're illuminated.

aug3 sadmermaid This afternoon I had a haircut. I'm trying to get it fuller at the bottom, so we cut a big chunk off. This is my favourite hair right now: Long but not too much, and super full and healthy! It's just perfect. In two months time it's gonna be back to its usual bum-length mayhem, but that's just my hair. It's okay, hair. I still love ya.

aug3 hair2aug3 haircut And this was me today...As I'm moving, I don't have any clothes. Which doesn't make any difference, since I always wear the same things.

aug3 pain

J brand cutoff shorts, Splendid tank, American Retro cotton sweater, Balenciaga jacket, Givenchy Pandora


E Remember the Paul McCartney gig we went to...Ya know, I have a new glossy white 60s drumkit...I got it, just today. I forgot to tell you.

D Really?? I'd love to play it. Do you have it at yours?

E I'd love to take a picture of you on it... lying like this..

D I think you should take a picture of you on it lying like that

A Everybody should take a picture on it like that

D We should all do it.

A Album cover

D yea. J, I want you to take a picture of E on it lying like that, and send it to me on facebook

J I will!