hollywood blvd

swimming pool 1

Here's me trying to convince my friend of skyping (he doesn't have internet at home right now).


Hollywood Boulevard! This is just like Oxford Circus, super touristy, super crowded, not very pleasant but one of those places that you NEED to visit. I really wanted to see the Walk of Fame, which is basically all along the pavement of Hollywood Blvd. It's crazy in there, I was invited to lunch three times.

plaza2 How legendary! Frederick's are the pioneers of underwear. Marilyn used to shop there

fredericks Found Lavanila at Sephora! Whoa I got so excited. OK so the Pure Vanilla one smells exactly like the Vanille des Tropiques Antilles. And the blackberry vanilla is interesting, and smells more like "dry" blackberries than juicy ones like my Mora Bella does. I prefer Mora Bella but this one is nice too. Love how most fragrances come in rollerball format over here

lavanila 1

Had lunch at the Grill which was very nice


MARILYN! I almost cried. There's something just so touching about these stars, even if you've seen them a thousand times

star marilynstars Olivia has one of the most exceptional voices of all time, total inspiration. She can adjust her vibrato any rhythm, in a freaking duet, then keep the airflow the same the whole time. Singing her songs is always the biggest challenge...She's a machine.

star olivia GENIUS!

star curtisstar grouchostar slash There was some kind of premiere and it was chaos

star travolta 1

Then I went to the Beverley Center to try on some bikinis (Zimmerman). The second is very elegant and deco and it was the one I was initially attracted to but the first is all soft and super comfortable. It's pretty much perfect, super wearable. Great for tanning too. Bandeau tan lines are my favourite, if I have to choose. The bottom is large and retro on the back though, I have to warn ya, it covers all the butt.

zimmerman3zimmerman1 Pinkberry! That stuff is AMAZING! Strawberries, granola, milk chocolate shavings with honey. Try it.

I have a checklist of everything I need to go/eat while I'm here...I'm slowly getting there : )

pink berry And this is what I wore today. Let's not break good habits: Tank, siwy shorts, Tkees. Boom. I really love these Tom Ford sunglasses, they're like the Raybans in style but a bit larger, they weigh nothing, and they don't have those annoying nose bits that stick in your hair and leave marks. These leave absolutely no marks.

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