apr3 hm jacket new icons4 Leather jacket: H&M New Icons size UK8, leopard jeans: H&M Trend, Boots: Saint Laurent, Shirt: The Kooples cotton shirt

apr3 hm jacket new icons3

I wore this to a meeting re: an album feature two days ago, I figured it was okay if I looked a little crazy so I threw all my current favourite things on, including my dries scarf and my fox coat (not pictured).

I've been waiting to pounce on this leather jacket since I saw it in the press release for the New Icons collection. I don't have anything in this sort of Celine design, it's so different to my other jackets. It's a bit of an irony this collection- it's based on what off-duty models wear. Off-duty models wear h&m clothes. And so the circle is now complete.

I love the SHINE of it! It's so cool. And being 99 pounds, I'm not gonna be worried if I take it clubbing and leave it on a chair at boogie o clock.

apr3 hm jacket new icons

The pants I also got recently, I'm a little obsessed with black and white leopard right now, I'm hoarding everything I can find in black and white.

apr3 hm jacket new icons2

The cotton shirt is a pleasure to wear, it's very skinny so it fits great and the cotton is silky and soft. I got it in the Kooples end of sale, it's a classic they have it every season. I wear a FR34.

apr3 hm leopard jeans

My lips are Black Orchid, for a change.