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high waisted citizens Citizens of Humanity Poison high-rise skinny jeans

Well after this week's drama, sure of having offended big names in the industry and alienated entire socialite circles - hopeful that Cannes will act like a sort of amnesia -,  I can now sit down and dedicate some time to less trivial things. I present you the high-waisted jean.

These are my first pair and the only so far that can successfully accommodate both my waist and my hips at the same time. Sure the waist could still be smaller but let's not be too needy. These fit like a glove and for an hourglass, I recommend them. If you're straighter they will  fit you too since they are very very stretchy, much like the Avedon Slick and just as soft.

It's only a shame that denim companies don't spend more time thinking about the curvy girls, because there are few things less enchanting than sinuous jeans. These are a good bet for any style of crop top, or for walking around covering your boobs with your hands like I like doing. They are a perfect rise, not too awkward, and skinny always looks better on small girls. If you're tall you might wanna go for a bootcut instead. Tall and skinny? If I were you i'd be wearing the widest leg pijama trousers imaginable, let's face it.

I also love a high waist with a belt, and of course with tucked-in silk shirts.