herve leger sequins

herve leger sequins2

Herve Leger is a beautiful brand, expensive in cost and in substance. It is however, not inherently cool. Celine, Peter Pilotto, Markus Lupfer are cool. Leger is represented by a crowd of people that the cool crowd just prefers not to be associated with. And - I'll go ahead and say - it is worn wrong, very wrong practically all of the time - (except by my heroines Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton).

The worst thing you can do to a tacky, structured bodycon is to accentuate that- wear it with too-done hair that doesn't belong to you and an array of fake bodyparts. I blame the stylists, whos main skill is to provide an outfit so into itself that it manages to dilute the personality of the person under it- and whose saving grace is that their clients have even less taste than they do. In the red carpet you see dresses, not women- I can never recognise any of them!

But hey, i'm not one to fear anything let alone being uncool (that would be so pretentious/ironic. Paradoxical?) and I love a good ol' bodycon.

Step 2 . Swoon over the glitters! I'm crazy about this number, I can't wait for an event where I don't have to sit down or consume anything.