jul17 all saints leather biker skirt4 All Saints tank top, All Saints leather skirt, Bally mules (similar), Alexander Wang bag, Agent Provocateur bra

Hellooo...it's scorching hot in London, I can't recall the last time it was this hot, this is really Spanish-July weather! I'm loving it though, it makes me really happy; I'm getting to wear all my Summer things that I like and going around terraces sampling nice food, and for once that annoying super-wind is gone.

I've been really into skirts lately, I took them all out of my wardrobe and really had a good look at what I have- after which I decided I needed more leather, not an entirely shocking decision coming from me. I found this leather biker one in All Saints the other day and it's the perfect length for me, and has stretched-out and molded nicely. Definitely get a size that's tight on you. I have a UK4.

jul17 all saints biker skirtjul17 all saints biker skirt5jul17 all saints biker skirt4

The back is super sexy too

jul17 all saints leather skirt5jul17 so hotjul17 beer time

We went to my favourite terrace in Shoreditch the Boundary where everything is amazing. And we had champagne and seafood to celebrate the great occasion that is being alive in July seventeenth.

jul17 boundary

They were awesome, they gave us hats and sunscreen and everybody looked so cute!


Obligatory picture in front of my name..

jul17 barbarella

Yesterday I received my new-old denim jacket! i got this in the sales, lost it in the airport, was devastated because it's the most amazing denim jacket ever, and I managed to find it on sale again! So happy. You can find it on sale here.

jul17 rag bone jacketjul17 rag bone jacket2

While I was waiting for my friend I found this Isabel Marant skirt on sale in one of the shops next to the restaurant- I love it! It's so cool, kind of straight and relaxed, kind of a modern indie mod.

jul17 marant skirtjul17 marant skirt2

How do we like my new legs?? I am really putting effort into running every day, it's been about two weeks now. I should've never stopped doing that, I strongly believe that it is essential to keep yourself lean. I'm seeing results pretty much right away, and it's also a great warm-up to the rest of the work-out. I'm currently alternating a bunch of Tracy Anderson DVDs, the Designer series volume III, the Mat and the Omnicentric. So 1 hr running + 1 hr training is working very well for me. You want to have some guidance though if you're working by yourself, a one-on-one class every now and then, and my physio is very good at telling me what muscles are underdeveloped and what I need to stretch more and how, to correct my posture, and I'm very diligent about it.

What workouts are you all doing?