I've been super good with my healthy habits lately, I'm so proud of myself. I'm not doing anything crazy, but I'm being very mindful of what I consume. I feel great and look the part, so I'm going to share with you the changes I've made that have been working for me.

DIET This has been the hardest thing for me, kicking the food habit. Overeating is so hard-wired into me I get panic attacks when I don't. I've been thinking more of how to eat more nutrients, rather than how to eat less crap, and that really puts things into perspective. And I've been quite strict. I've been eating five meals a day, equal portions. Eating every 3 hours makes the biggest difference cause you're never hungry and if you've planned your healthy meal in advance, which I do, you just stick to it and don't even think. A good trick is also to plan one meal with very few calories, like steamed broccoli with berries for dessert. And then have the following one be really appetizing like a prosciutto sandwich with pine nuts and tomato. My rule is: I can only have ONE "bad" thing a day (ie. If I have a cookie, I can't have fried chicken later). I know some people hate "rules", but I like making rules for myself, I'm the kind of person that can follow a plan very easily, if I know it's good and I believe in it.

Some of my favourite snacks lately:

Peanut butter + apple = total addiction! I get the organic peanut butter from whole foods so it's literally only smashed peanuts with no additives at all.


Pineapple + lime + coriander + spinach juice = bestest thing ever, very good to take metal out of your system. I finally got myself a juicer, and as they tell you, it's a revolution. It's fantastic for using with herbs.apr26_pinneapplecoriander

Here's one with cucumber + fennel + spinach + apple + strawberries + lemon. Really green and refreshing. The strawberries give it sweetness and taste, while keeping the calories low and the antioxidants high.


My favourite "sample" menu right now:

Breakfast: Total greek yoghurt 2% with berries + tea Midday: Prosciutto sandwich on wholewheat bread, with pine nuts and spinach + a banana Lunch: Broccoli + berries Mid-afternoon: Apple + peanut butter Dinner: Grilled salmon on mixed leaves + a slice of wholewheat bread + 1 pinneapple and coriander juice

Another one:

Breakfast: Porridge with raisins + tea Midday: A banana + a green juice Lunch: Grilled prawns over salad Mid-afternoon: Strawberries + half turkey breast sandwich Dinner: Carrot sticks with organic Humous, the other half sandwich, fruit for dessert

As you can see I'm not starving myself, but I'm also not eating any crap. I'm eating a lot of fruit which I love, and trying to introduce greens (the hardest thing)

If you want to see exactly what I eat in real time, follow me on the FitnessPal app! User: dianaanastasia. I'm writing everything down cause I want to keep track




Top & Pants: Stella McCartney // Shoes: Asics

This is quite easy for me, I'm not a lazy person and I'm very disciplined, so it's been just about putting aside the time (ie. removing my social life). Instead of going out at night and having fun, I get up in the morning and suffer. It's a no-brainer, what's not to like?

I recently discovered Ballet Beautiful, which I've been loving. I've attempted to get into ballet fitness twice before, and failed because going to class was a pain in the ass, and everyone's at different levels etc and people were in it for the novelty factor. But I feel like these exercises are perfect level-wise, and very complementary to the other types of exercise I do, and I've really enjoyed discovering her streaming videos and her book. I'm still waiting to receive the DVDs. I'll do a proper review in a few weeks once I'm familiar with the program.

Currently I'm alternating a lot of things. I do about an hour a day:

- 20min yoga stretching + 1 hour targeted muscle (like Tracy Anderson or variations) - 40 min yoga + 30 min TA - 30 min yoga + 30 min Ballet beautiful - 15min yoga + 45min Ballet Beautiful - (2 days a week) Running or elliptical 45min + 30min TA

You get the gist! When I say Tracy Anderson, sometimes it's just my custom exercises that I do that are very similar to Tracy Anderson or any of these gurus that do this sort of targeted muscle/fitness yoga/pilates variations.

Hope this gave you some inspiration on things you can do to feel better for Spring! x