Happy Easter!


Sweatshirt "Boy Toy": Zoe Karssen // Skirt: Rick Owens // Shoes: Dr.Scholl // Tan: Clarins // Nails: YSL Bleu Majorelle

I didn't realise just how much people celebrate Easter over here, I guess I had never spent an Easter weekend in the UK, and in Spain we usually just go on holiday or something, people don't generally do big family reunions. But here..my goodness, everybody's family flying over, the bunnies, the eggs, the special dishes, it's huge. I can't say I've partaken in any celebrations, life continued as usual, with a writing session with my DJ Ashley on Saturday, followed by a fab meeting with a producer in The Redchurch in Shoreditch, one of my very favourite spots for cocktails. Today I'm having a rest, discovering Ballet Beautiful (more on that soon), planning the coming week, aaaand it's Tommy's birthday in Soho so we'll go to that.

I wore a new favourite combo of long skirt + sweatshirt this week.  Zoe Karssen is very unexpected, she has all these shirts with slogans that I don't even find funny, and then every once in a while comes up with one that is just the best. This is one of those! Everybody needs a Boy Toy t shirt.

Might you be wondering what I'm sipping in the above picture, it's my latest addiction: The Caffe Nero decaf soya frappe with cinammon. It's incredible, try to stop yourself.