oct28 masquarade

This is what I wore yesterday for Torture Garden's Halloween ball, we had such a great time, everyone was really nice, there were some fantastic costumes. I love costume parties, they are the best. Masquerade is one of my favourite things in the world, the whole aesthetic and the mystery of it and all the references to the victorian era, fantasty, Labyrinth, the gallantry...It's just everything about it. This green taffeta skirt was soo beautiful and full, it's the most enchanting shade of green, scroll down for a better picture. I tend to wear green when I do gothic for some reason, I know most people would go for purple? I was going through my costumes yesterday and I have a couple of Agent Provocateur things in green satin, I have a gorgeous embroidered green satin corset, several green velvet pieces, and now this. I think it's very elegant.

So this is the final face I did, really minimal and kind of neo-gothic with makeup just under the eye, completely bare lid on top and full natural brows. Pigalle lipstick on lips, no liner.

oct28 masquerade10


oct28 masquarade13

Aaaand voila. With the velvet jacket and hairpiece.

oct28 masquerade13

oct28 masquerade12

oct28 masquerade11

I made a video with a little commentary:

Random but I just stumbled upon a military coat just like Marant's! If anyone needs it:


I actually lusted over Marant's coat for the longest time, but it fit terrible, it's way too oversized for me. Maybe this one could be a good option.

A bit of a week's motivational quote

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