Hair. Jan 2012



Girls, I didn't forget about this post, I was just waiting for
a) a trim
b) some photos. (lucky me, I found these through the studio tests)

The show may go on


This is the deal right now:

I had a Brazilian Blowout last July (2011). It has kind of altered my routine so I need to update you on that: It's an extraordinary treatment, i love, it, it effectively gives you the hair of a straight-hair person. It makes it smooth, glossy, silky, dries quickly and dries impeccable. I had it done just before I went on holiday, and I would let it airdry at the beach and then again after the shower, and humidity wouldn't affect it. Oh and salt water and all was fine. It's just easy. HOWEVER. Straight hair means that curling is gonna be hard. It's frustrating, because used to having hair that will curl easy, with the brazilian, my hair won't curl, or take any rollers/volume. It still had volume alright, it didn't make it flatter than it usually is, but you can't create a big hair kind of style, should you want to.

Was it worth it? Oh yes. Forget the curls -and I love curls- but it was so worth it.

Now I'm in an in-between stage, it dries wavy, not particularly frizzy, but it's still not holding curls the way it used to. I'm waiting for it to wash off, I'd like to have a few weeks with barbarella-hair, and then I'll probably get it done again because the wash & go is dreamy.

With a Brazilian you shouldn't use shampoos with sulphates in them if you want the treatment to last as much as possible. The one I am currently using is the Nanokeratin Hair Repair in the silver bottle. It's great. I tried a couple of other sulphate-free Schwarzkoft and Aveda ones and I hated them all. There was a Kerastase color balm rarity that was good, very expensive and I went through really quickly..All in all I like the Nenokeratin the best.

For those not slaves to the brazilian, my favourite all-time shampoo is the L'Oreal Serie Expert Intense Repair Shampoo. I recommend it to everybody, and everybody who has tried it loves it. I miss it. My favourite masque is the matching one, the L'Oreal Serie Expert Intense Repair Masque 6.7 Oz. I still use that every time I wash my hair.


I wash my hair every other day or every two. What I'm doing right now is:

1. Wash with the Nanokeratin shampoo. Use the L'Oreal Xpert Intense Repair Masque
2. Comb. Towel-dry. Apply Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil. Let it airdry 80%
3. Smooth it out with my Rowenta Brush Activ brush. There's a babyliss one that my sister uses and that is very similar. I personally like the Rowenta, it kind of grabs the hair better and has greater airflow, but it's harder to find and more expensive
4. If I need to, smooth the fringe with my GHD
5. Apply some Macadamia nut oil through the ends to finish


Alternatively, I'll let it dry fully overnight and use my Babyliss Hot Rollers in the morning. The rollers are beginning to work on my hair again just about now, I used them during Christmas and I got pretty waves.

Other products that I like include...

- Kerastase Ciment Thermique - A leave-in. This is great if you're planning to heat-style it afterwards
- Frederic Fekkai Glossing cream - used both in damp hair, and after styling
- Bumble & Bumble styling lotion - I like using this while drying my hair, when I'm using the Rowenta brush. It gives texture. And even after styling to mess it up a little
- Elnett hairspray- I sometimes use this after rollers. 
- Klorane dry shampoo - To use on dirty hair to fluff it up a little. It's a temporary fix though, it's not like regular shampoo, the effects last for about 6 hours max and then you really have to wash it.

And YES the products I use are absolutely essential for my survival. And please use a leave-in, people overlook them but you must use one, the masque is all very well but you end up rinsing it off. You need a barrier between your hair and the elements, one that stays. My sister always comes to me complaining about why my hair looks better and -surprise- she is NOT using a leave-in! If I didn't use one, I'd probably be bald. 

I'm exaggerating but honestly, oil your hair up.


My hair color is natural, I've never done anything to it. It gets brighter with the sun, and duller in Winter but it's always the same hair. Ideally if I had the time, courage and money, I would probably spend a couple of grand highlighting it in the Winter, because i don't feel like myself when it's dark. But I like the practicality of letting it grow and leaving it alone. I love my hair when it's bright, I wouldn't change it for the world.

This is a good representation of the tone (sun light):


I can't for the life of me find a better picture. I guess I can post this one:


Darling of a capture, uh?

So yes, hearing closed, my hair is yellow.

Should you want the same hair...take a photograph to the salon. Hairdressers all see/say things differently, don't risk it. Emphasize that you want it "gold". Gold seems like the safest thing to say for a natural blonde shade. I don't have anything against hair dye, but GOD, they mess up so often, it seems like only half of the time is anyone actually happy with their color; I hear nightmare stories from friends and family every week. They go for blonde, they end up burnt sienna or bleached brown. They go for chocolate, they end up black. The torture never ends. 

That's all mermaids. If you wanna know anything else write a comment and I will answer below. 

Happy hair days