jun6 rayban flash String body: Wolford, Shorts: Current/Elliott, Belt: Isabel Marant, Shoes: Zara (similar)

This week is so beautifully sunny! We went to Hoxton on Tuesday and I met up with Jack who documented the experience. I wore all my favourite things of the moment...these shorts by Current/Elliott are the most flattering thing I've ever seen in my life, and I've been really into spaghetti straps lately hence the return of the Wolford body. I love these sort of outfits, they're my favourite kind of thing to wear, I will happily dress like this every day.

jun7 shorts editedjun6 polejun6 alley

The shoes are a real find, i got these in Zara when I was in Spain (everything is so much cheaper over there), and they look incredible and are the most comfortable thing, I walked around with them all day. I love love love them.

jun6 sidejun6 chillingjun6 zara sandals


I've been testing the St.Tropez Dark mousse for the last week or so. So far so good, I like it although I don't know if I would repurchase. It's just like the regular mousse in terms of how dark you get. It does have one distinction which makes your tan decidedly olive-toned: The mousse comes out dark green, and not only it has a green guide- I'm pretty sure it has a green stain. What this does is, it initially turns your body green as you apply it which is pretty frightening, and then as the tan develops, the green blends into the tan, giving you an olive-toned color. It's a clever idea...The problem with this idea is that the green stain is very potent, more so than the self-tan ingredient (DHA). So you gotta make sure you apply PLENTY of product, otherwise the green stain will catch, and the DHA won't. So if you like mixing it with moisturizer in some areas where you want a lighter tan, you can't do that with this product, you won't get the tan and you'll still get the green. Learnt this the hard way! I have a bit of a green under arm right now.

I think I prefer a reddish tan anyway. The dark brown mousse was fussy enough, the prospect of green is going a bit too far.

I wouldn't apply this on my face, I've been using Clarins Liquid Bronze on my face/hands as always and it blends in great.

So yea my tan looks good but I'm not 100% convinced.