aug7 bedroom hermes

All under control now...I've decided I'm only gonna take out of the boxes the minimum I can. So like, ten tops, ten going-out pieces...ten blazers (can't get enough, can't get no satisfaction without my blazers...) one set in each clothes rail, pretend I'm in Intermix or something...And that's it. Feeling very altruistic about it. We'll see how long that lasts.

I still have no idea what to do with my jewelery but that's a problem for another day. And I wanna get rid of more makeup. I'll have to do another garage sale.

My neighbours are laughing and drinking and playing the drums. Finally some normal neighbours.

And guess what!

I FINALLY GOT MY POLE BACK! Oh my God, i wanna scream. I got really attached to this little chrome bar, it's almost like my dog, or something. It was my friend R who introduced me to the wonders of the pole, and even though I can't do shit on it yet, it's incredibly I can't take it anymore, i can just spin. Just...get exhausted and push myself...faster, higher, whatever. It's like amnesia. You forget everything, you just go round...

My friend took away some parts that I needed to put it up here and now after a month he gave them back, and it's up and it's beautiful and it's miiiiiine : )

Ah, fetichists... you gotta love us.

This was me today before I changed into the always-an-improvement-combo shorts and a t shirt. I was wearing my skirt about that coming.

aug7 shells hermes Shells...more shells