aug13 denim

So this is what I have been wearing for the last couple of days, slight variations of it...I love this denim shirt, easily the most exquisite I own. I'm really impressed with all the items I have from The Kooples. They are exceptional, the fabrics are really good, the fit is excellent...I'm wearing them a lot.

aug13 denim2

Take one layer off...i love this black tank, too. I'm wearing a hanky panky bandeau underneath, which doesn't look too good but is necessary if you don't wanna expose all of your bra.

aug13 denim3

Et voila! A blazer in the color of love. I was encouraged by my red leather jacket and thought I might wanna take things further.

aug13 redaug13 red2aug13 red3

Again by The Kooples- the tailoring is beautiful and the slightly elastic crepe just dreamy. I'm wearing it all the time over anything, anything is a good excuse, day, night, early morning...wherever, whenever, in the wise words of Shakira. Tomorrow maybe i'll add a red lip, I miss my reds. Other colors are all fine, but red takes you to places.